Charlie Raposo
Charlie Raposo


Summer Update

It’s time to change gears. The blog will be back, for all those people who really care (my parents). But seriously, I let it slip last year so I could focus solely on my skiing…..but I believe I can bring it back without having it take anyway from my training and racing.

Onto the interesting stuff….I hope. The summer has been super busy, yet incredible at the same time. June 7th was a big day. I graduated from Green Mountain Valley School. It was such a bittersweet moment, but I know that place will always be a part of me and I will see it again. It feels great to be able to focus on just skiing for the time being.


Following Graduation, I stayed in Vermont for a few days to gather all of my gear together and since then the summer has flown. I spent time in London training. I was in Salzburg with my mental coach. We had our first camp on the year in Les Deux Alpes, France, and that went well. We were able to get some good miles on the skis to get ready for Chile.

At this point it was the start of July, and I was back in London. I love that city. I have the best place in the world to train with the best team – the Lomax Gym. It was great to have two weeks there and to see a few friends. I went to Portugal in the middle of July to see my family for a few days before I went to the South of France.

St. Tropez was awesome. I was staying with my good friend and team mate Fredrik Maurstad. It was wonderful to have someone else to train with while also having some good down time over long lunches at the beach clubs. I have to say that the South of France is definitely one of my favorite places during the summer. Beautiful weather, cool boats, awesome food, and beautiful woman. Too bad you need nine figures in the bank to really embrace the lifestyle down there!

I am now back in Portugal with my family. I drove from St. Tropez to Portugal, which happens t0 be 1900km. My competitive edge kicked in and of course I had to get here in record time. I drove from 8pm at night for 15 hours to make it back to Portugal. Nothing a bunch of Red Bull can’t help with. Being back here is great. Its so nice to be able to train hard while having a relaxed lifestyle at the same time. In between sessions I am able to chill in the the pool or hang out on the boat. Only one more week now until I head off to Chile for what I hope will be an incredible four weeks of training.

Hugo Maurstad, Fredi, and Myself at the famous Clube 55.

Hugo Maurstad, Fredi, and Myself at the famous Clube 55.

photo copy 2

photo copy 3

The sunset of a long drive!

The sunset of a long drive!

My dog, Bungee, and me.

My dog, Bungee, and me.


End of one… Start of another!

I wanted to take a moment to write about this past season, and to also explain why I have not been posting as frequently as I used to. I took time away from my blog to focus on my skiing that little bit more. It had a lot to do with the mental side of my skiing, and that is why I did not blog for the latter half of the season.

The season went very well. Being in Europe again was an incredible experience. I was able to train and compete with some of the best racers in the world. There were many highlights of the year, whether it was World Junior Champs, or some of my better results. My reflection on the season is that I learnt a lot about the sport I compete in. I took a big step forward not just with my skiing, but my approach and preparation to the sport. I am excited to take what I learnt and apply it into this summers training and next years competitive season.

As for my results, I was able to continue lowering my world rank. I am now the second best ranked 1996 in the World in Giant Slalom. I finished third for Under 18’s at World Junior Champs in Slovakia. I walked away from the season with some valuable North American Cup points that will hopefully help me out for next season. And last but not least, I finished the season as the British Senior Giant Slalom Champion.

Next year has already started. Lots of time has been spent in the gym preparing my body to be fit and strong. I have to thank Jonathan Lomax and Anwar Gilbert for the excellence in preparing my physical conditioning program. Lomax is, without a doubt, the best gym in London. I will start skiing again towards the end of June in France. I am lucky enough to have an incredible team of people helping me get to where I want to be, and I have to thank them for that! I am also lucky enough to have a very strong team of guys to train and race with next year. The team dynamic is going to be awesome, and hopefully we will all succeed and be fast.

I aim to have the blog back in action over the spring and summer, so please stay tuned!

Back from a Hiatus with some Results and a Sombrero!

That sure was one long Hiatus from the blog. Time to get back on the horse, and i’m talking about the blogging horse. I had an interesting conversation with someone about how the mind of blogging works, and its become apparent to me that you can’t force a blog update, it just has to come out naturally, so here it goes.

I will start with December, and I will keep it brief. I had a couple of good results, skiing around my points in GS and finishing right with all the Austrian Junior guys. More importantly, I learnt a lot about the mental side of this sport, and how to handle certain scenarios. I am sure that those tools will help me later on in my ski racing days.

After the first Austrian stint, I was off to Verbier for Christmas with my family. It was great to spend two weeks relaxing and getting pumped to ski race again. I managed to find a little bit of powder to shred over christmas, but for the most part, it was mediocre skiing and great times with my family.

No better way to ski down the mountain after lunch at our family's favorite restaurant!

No better way to ski down the mountain after lunch at our family’s favorite restaurant!

Its 2014, i’m back in Austria, and it’s awesome. I have been training a lot of GS since I got back here, and it has definitely helped to have a heavy training block. I have also spent some time crashing through gates and yard sale-ing all over the Hinterreit training hill – Moral to that story – stop leaning in. After the second shot to the ribs from the base of a gate, I think I caught on to what I shouldn’t do! Besides those minor speed bumps, I felt great on my GS skis, and then it was race time. A couple of days ago we headed over to Reiteralm for the Mexican Champs. These were organized by the one and only Prince Hubertus Von Hohenlohe, who skis for Mexico and is trying to qualify for the Olympics. It was a small field, which meant I had a great start position with some good guys racing. It was a great opportunity and I was able to capitalize on that by scoring some points results and getting two third places.

Myself in third, Ben Griffin in second, and Warner Nickerson taking the cheese in first! It wouldn't be a Mexican champs without Sombreros and the Prince up on the podium!

Myself in third, Ben Griffin in second, and Warner Nickerson taking the cheese in first! It wouldn’t be a Mexican champs without Sombreros and the Prince up on the podium!

Thankfully, Warner Nickerson was giving it his all in both races. He is trying to crush as hard as he can to win races, (and Sombrero’s) so that he can prove to the USST he deserves a spot to start some World Cups. Warner was skiing pretty damn fast in Reiteralm, so it was tough to stay close, but I was able to ski four solid runs that kept me in the game.

The second race had me in third, Alexander Köll in second, and Warner getting the cheese for the second time in a row.

The second race had me in third, Alexander Köll in second, and Warner getting the cheese for the second time in a row.

We are now back at our base in Leogang and we are doing a couple of days of training. There is not a whole lot of snow, so I have no idea what will be next, but time will tell, and I have a feeling my blog game is back, so stay tuned.

Warner and myself loving the awesome prizes at the Mexican Champs

Warner and myself loving the awesome prizes at the Mexican Champs

A New Winter Home

I have been over in Europe for two weeks now and it is feeling more homelike as the days go by. It’s different, but i’m loving it. We, myself the other Global Racing boys (Jack, Jeremy, Brian), have settled into our apartment for the winter, which happens to be inside the one and only Haus Tirol. It is great to be back in this area of Austria. We have a pretty awesome set up for this winter and i’m excited for it to really kick off!

So far we have had some great training. Its always busy this time of the year, but the snow has been good and my skiing is really coming along. Kitzsteinhorn has been our training site the last two weeks, minus a day of skiing at Soelden over the WC weekend. Its exactly a week now till we start racing again, and I cannot wait. The adrenaline is already pumping and I can feel the intensity getting higher and higher in training; its definitely time to race! We will be down in Italy for four GS races next week!

On top of training, we spent the weekend in Soelden for the WC. It was great to be there and feel the competitive atmosphere, but also great to spend time with what used to be Team Awesome. Charles Christianson, Paulie (my coach), and I labelled ourselves Team Awesome back in the day, and saying it used to be is actually offending ourselves, we still are Team Awesome! Here are some pictures from the weekend.

(thanks to my super awesome step brother Alex for the pics)

The Team!

The Team!

The Beautiful Kitzsteinhorn Glacier!

The Beautiful Kitzsteinhorn Glacier!


Silly face of course!

Getting ready to train some slalom

Getting ready to train some slalom

Charles, Paul, and I. Team Awsome reunion!

Charles, Paul, and I. Team Awesome reunion!


The original Team Awesome 4 years before!

The original Team Awesome 4 years before!



The Dirty South – Chile

I can easily say that I had the best camp in Chile to date. We were in El Colorado for four weeks and it was incredible. Great food, nice hotel, and good, honest people working there! There is nothing more you can ask for in Chile. The skiing was also top notch. We had some incredible training and the weather didn’t stop us at all, which is quite rare for that time of the year in Chile.

The racing didn’t go as I would have liked, or as it could have. The first set of races just didn’t go my way. I wasn’t executing in the GS, but I still managed to put down ok runs. The slalom was short lived as I did not finish the second run. We went back to training after that and I really made a breakthrough in both disciplines. My GS was really coming together. I just needed to be solid and it was fast. The second set of races, a GS in El Colorado, and a slalom in La Parva, could of gone very well if I did the right things. Well…. I skied a solid run in the GS and skied into third place behind two guys with better points than me, an older french guy and my team mate for the camp Hig Roberts…. oh wait, I skied the wrong way around the last gate. So not only did I ski farther than everyone else, I got disqualified for it. Lesson learnt on that one.

No explanation needed

No explanation needed

The next day was the slalom. It got bumpy quite quickly, but there was opportunity to ski fast. I had an ok first run besides cutting my chin open. I took a gate to the face which split the skin on my chin. Thankfully my teeth were ok, but my suit and bib had rather a lot of blood on it. So there I was, in between first a second run going to get my chin glued together in the clinic.

I obviously couldn't miss the chance to take a picture of it

I obviously couldn’t miss the chance to take a picture of it

I went back out to ski the second run, which was going really good, but sadly I didn’t manage to make it down. I was a little bummed out, but I just had to think about where my skiing was. I’m skiing fast and thats all that matters. I have a whole winter of racing ahead of me, so a couple races in the summer with poor conditions, are not going to decide anything about my winter. I think it looks like a promising one so far.

I am now in New York City for a few days before I start some school work. I have about 5 very intense weeks to get out of this world fit before the winter starts, at least thats my ideal goal ;). I can’t believe in 5 weeks I will be back on skis in Austria starting up what will be the best season to date! For now here are some pictures of the Chile trip.

The Team! Me, Hig, Jack, James, and Jeremy. This was the day of the GS, it was about 60 degrees out. Thats between 16 and 20 celsius - unreal!

The Team! Me, Hig, Jack, James, and Jeremy. This was the day of the GS, it was about 60 degrees out. Thats between 16 and 20 celsius – unreal!

Our team and Team Maroc!

Our team and Team Maroc!

A POV shot of me from my Drift Innovation camera!

A POV shot of me from my Drift Innovation camera!




Midst of the Summer

Seems like months ago that I was writing from Les2Alpes. Let me fill you in on what has happened.

The camp in Les2Alpes was incredible. It was so great to be working with a small group of really focused athletes. We had perfect training conditions almost everyday. There was very little more we could have asked for to make the camp better, except maybe some wifi in the house. Regardless, it gives me, and the rest of the Global Racing team, a lot of hope coming into this year. Not only are we going to have a great training environment, but we are also going to have a lot of fun on this new adventure. In terms of my skiing, I am feeling very confident in both Slalom and GS and I can’t wait to get down to Chile and keep working on the progression and to start racing.

The Global Racing Team from L-R. Jack Schibli, Jeremy Epstein, Me, Paul Epstein

The Global Racing Team from L-R. Jack Schibli, Jeremy Epstein, Me, Paul Epstein

Me about to get on the lift to go down. When it's 15+ Celsius taking my suit off and putting shorts on was essential!

Me about to get on the lift to go down. When it’s 15+ Celsius taking my suit off and putting shorts on was essential!

Shot this cool photo of our course!

Shot this cool photo of our course!

Since I left Les2Alpes I haven’t really stopped moving around. I was in London for four days, which was business related and also gave me the chance to stay with my sister for a few days. While I was in London, I had the chance to go meet with Drift Innovation. Drift is a new action camera company. Their camera’s are quite incredible. It took five minutes for me to see how much better the camera was than anything else on the market. It is so much more user friendly and has some much better features than anything else. The camera has all sorts of tricks up its sleeves. Check it out on their website.

After my little stint in London, I was on my way home to Portugal. I have been here for a couple of weeks now spending a lot of time in the gym and doing a lot of school work. Nothing too exciting but I have had a little bit of time to do some cool things. Check out these pics that are taken with my Drift camera. Yes it is more than an action camera, it takes awesome photos too!

A pretty cool view from home!

A pretty cool view from home!

Getting out on the Jetski.... be sure to check out the video by clicking on the pic

Getting out on the Jetski…. be sure to check out the video by clicking on the pic

Do check out the vid, its pretty awesome!

Not too long now before I am off to Chile. I am VERY excited. Seeing pictures of people skiing in the southern hemisphere already is getting me antsy!

Back at it!

Time has flown by since the last post I wrote at the end of the winter. I am now in Les Deux Alpes, France, with my new team, Global Racing. Global Racing is a team founded by my coach Paul Epstein. After three years at GMVS he decided to start his own team, and after last season, and how Paul and I worked together, it was the right choice for me to jump on board. Check out the teams page on facebook. Don’t worry, I am still working hard with school. I am still a student at GMVS and I have already started school work for my final year. That place has given me some of the most amazing and unforgettable experiences over the last three years, but there comes a time when you have to take the next step.

Back to it, we have had five days of skiing here in Les Deux Alpes. The main focus has been to master the new GS skis, 35 meter radius. For those of you not aware, the length and width regulations for the GS skis were changed for this coming season. They are now longer and thiner. This makes the ski a little harder to turn, by making the turn radius bigger. After all the talk, I was expecting a big challenge, but it has been nothing like what I expected. I am already very comfortable on the skis and I am feeling that I may well be faster on this new ski than on the older 27 meter radius ski. I am definitely skiing better, so with time and miles on the skis, I will hopefully be skiing faster than before. At this point it is just important to keep skiing a lot on them and focusing on the important technical and tactical details.

I have another two weeks here before a month off snow to do some physical training and some school work. After that block off, its time to go down to the southern hemisphere. This year I am, with the team, going to El Colorado, Chile, for four weeks. I am super excited to go back down there. It is one of my favorite places in the world.

For now, here are some pictures of my trip thus far;

The team - Jack, Jeremy, Paul, and me!

The team – Jack, Jeremy, Paul, and me!


Head Factory - always a fun trip!

Head Factory – always a fun trip!



The end of one year, the start of a new year

This season is now finally over. The racing is done and the new points list has come out. I am really happy about where I have finished ranking wise, and I know that with the hard work and training I will make even bigger gains this summer and next season. It has already started. I was up at 6am for my first of three workouts today. Anyways, here is a little list of some of my rankings right now;

World Ranking GS – 3rd Under 18

World Ranking SL – 8th Under 18

World Ranking Tech – 3rd Under 18 (SL & GS)

1st British U-18 – SL

1st British U-18 – GS

2nd British Overall – SL & GS (average)

3rd British Overall – SL

4th British Overall – GS

I look at these ranks and I see that I have gone beyond my goals for the year and that I am in a good position to get going next year. Possibly the best of these ranks is being the 2nd best technical skier in Britain behind 27 year Dave Ryding. It is also nice to be right up with the best U-18′s in the world in tech.

Although I am the skier, these results weren’t all down to me. I have to thank everyone who helped me this year. Without some of these people I would not be where I am now. I want to thank everyone who supported me with equipment; Head; Leki; Uvex; Swix; and Ortema. And I of course cannot forget to thank my mum and my step dad for funding me for this year. At a huge expense for a year round program, it is a huge burden on them, so I thank you both more than anything!

Back in Vermont now to get fit and strong again before I go to Les2Alpes for my first camp towards the end in June.

Save the best till the end of the year!

There is nothing better than really finding your flow and having some good races at the end of the year. After two great races in Slalom in Canada I managed to keep it going once I got to Sunday River, Maine. The first day I scored my best slalom result, and my first slalom result in the 20′s. I had a solid first run that put me into the top 30 and let me run seventh on the second run. I found the perfect amount of intensity I skied my best run of slalom to date finishing second on the run just 2/100ths behind the leader (of the run). I couldn’t of been happier ending the winter with a run like that. I will be sure to post it online when I put a video together.

Myself in first, Griffin Brown in second, and Charlie Harrison in third (Under-18's)

Myself in first, Griffin Brown in second, and Charlie Harrison in third (Under-18′s)

I am now back in Portugal for some R & R before I go back to Vermont for the spring to workout and study. I am sitting here now happy with how my winter went, but I already hungry to start training for next year. I have a feeling its going to be a great year!

More results in Canada

Just got back from the Quebec Spring Series in Canada where I walked away with my two best slalom results so far. I scored a 34 and 37 in Slalom which will rank me in the top 10 in the world for 1996′s in Slalom. My goal of this year was to finish the season with my points in the 30′s in slalom so I am happy to say I achieved that and I hope that I will be able to do even better with two more slalom races left this season. For the first time this season I managed to ski a run doing the right things and making no mistakes. The second run of the second day I finished 5th on the run, after running 44th first run. I was right behind some of the top American skiers, such as Robby Kelly who races World cup, and I was ahead of some of the top college races in the US who ski with FIS points in the low teens. I couldn’t really believe the run when I got to the bottom considering the conditions didn’t change between bib 7 (me) and bib 25-30 (best guys) on the second run. Anyways, it was rewarding to finally pull it together. With four more races, two GS and two slaloms, I hope I can keep skiing fast and get some more results. I reached my goals this year so I just need to hammer as hard as I can and see how it goes! On another note, I am now ranked 3rd for 1996′s in the world in GS. Only need one result by a couple points to be number one. Im gonna work hard to do so the next two days. Until then, here are some pictures from Canada

podium 1

The u-18 podium day 2. The same day I had my good second run.

The u-18 podium day 2. The same day I had my good second run.